Hydrocolloid dressing


Endovellico-H hydrocolloid dressing generates an optimal moist environment in wounds to accelerate the healing process.

Available size:

  • 13.9×12.3 cm, thickness 2.0 mm.



Our hydrocolloid dressing has a transparent film that creates an impermeable barrier to the entry of water and body fluids, thus retaining physiological moisture in the wound, thus favoring the removal of dead or damaged tissue and the healing process.

Endovellico-H can be used as a secondary dressing over a petrolatum dressing, for example.

This hydrocolloid dressing is made up of a medical grade adhesive, hydrophilic granules of CMC (sodium carboxy methyl cellulose) and a Peel Off type adhesive border.

Complement wound management with our Silver, Clear and Petrolatum Antimicrobial Barrier Dressings.

The choice of the ideal dressing for each wound will be based on characteristics such as: amount of exudate, pain, colonization, anatomical region, tunnels, perilesional skin and the lesion bed. Our line of Endovellico dressings are for professional use. It is important that they are used, suggested and supervised by health professionals.


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