Elastomeric infuser 60ml


Elastomeric infuser or positive pressure infuser.



Our elastomeric infuser, also known as an elastomeric infusion pump or positive pressure infuser, is capable of dispensing from 1 to 2 ml per hour of the medication delivered to the patient.

In an elastomeric infuser the medicine flows continuously and precisely due to the positive pressure exerted by the flow regulator on the inner membrane inside the plastic capsule. As this membrane gently deflates, it pushes the solution through the IV tubing to the catheter or patient entry port.

This medical device works without the need to connect to electricity or use batteries, which facilitates the outpatient treatment of the patient. Its use applies both in the hospital and in the patient’s home, when the doctor indicates it.


  • 60 ml capacity
  • Available with extra dose self-monitoring
  • Available with multi-flow
  • Elastomeric balloon
  • Fully biocompatible materials
  • Sterile
  • Disposable

Product specifications:

  • The flow rate of the disposable positive pressure infuser is in the range of 2 ml / hr.
  • The nominal capacity is 60 ml.
  • The 0.5 ml automatic liquid feeding dose in automatic 15 min liquid feeding intervals.

Methods of use:

  • Take the disposable positive pressure infuser from the sterilized package, before use you should verify that all connections are tight and adequate.
  • Open the flow limiting device if it is closed.
  • Open the feeding port, removing the protective cap from the tubing, use a sterile syringe to inject the previously prepared medication from the feeding port (60ml).
  • When dosing is complete, confirm that the components are not leaking liquid, put the protective cap on the feed port.
  • Remove the protective cap from the distal end that goes to the patient, when observing the first drop of medicine, close the flow limiting device, with this we will be sure that the system is completely purged.
  • Connect the disposable positive pressure infusor to the access device (can be a catheter).
  • Open the flow limiting device and the infusion will start immediately.


  • The disposable positive pressure infusor is not indicated for the infusion of blood, blood products, lipids, fat emulsions, or total parenteral nutritio.


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