About Us


We born in 2007 in E.U.A. specialized in innovation, design and marketing of medical devices at competitive prices, always managing medical technology is available to our customers.

We are a support for health professionals, providing them with safe and efficient devices that help them provide better quality service and care.

We distinguish ourselves by having an experienced and well trained personnel, comprising international coverage with a strong presence in the Mexican market. Currently, we have an authorized distribution center in Mexico for a timely and efficient attention to our clients.

Our main goal is to become a leader in the marketing and development of medical technology applied to strategic products, creating business opportunities for our partners. Being a solid company managed by a clear, efficient, motivated and united administrative body. Such a component will allow us to maintain sustained, profitability and professional development of human resources economic growth.

Our goals
- Generating utilities.
- Professional development of our employees.
- Steady growth.
- Investment and reinvestment of profits.
- Long-term relationships with our customers.
- New business generation.
- Expanding market.